• Alicia Hartz

Against Type Self-Tape Reel

When there's little work to be had, create your own! At least that's what I've attempted to do this past month by creating a self-tape project for myself. In my "Against Type Self-Tape Reel," I have taken characters that I could never be cast as right now and filmed myself working on some of their best scenes. Whether I am too young, the wrong gender, or the character is far removed from how I am normally cast, all of these scenes are quite different from what you will see on my "Official Acting Reel." I created this challenge to not only stretch myself and stay in shape as an actor when there are few acting jobs due to COVID 19, but also to show those who watch it what else I can do with my craft. Playing with these new characters, both big and subtle, was a treat and I invite my fellow actors to participate in this challenge. Happy self-taping!