• Alicia Hartz

Back in NYC at The Brick with Othello

Interested in small house, low budget, Brooklyn theater? Then look no further and join me this Saturday, August 24th at 6pm for a reading of William Shakespeare's Othello. Tickets for this show and the rest of The Brick's "Shakespeare in the Theater 2019" series can be purchased online. At this one night only performance of one of Shakespeare's most tragic plays, adapted and directed by Haylee Cartee for a 90 minute runtime, I will be playing Cassio. For this particular reading, all roles traditionally cast as men will be played by women and all roles traditional cast as women will be played by men. The hope is questions of feminism, representation, and intersectionality are brought to the forefront of this popular classic through this atypical casting and preconceived notions of gender limitations are blown apart. While this may only be a reading now, the goal is to mount this idea as a full fledged production of Othello in the near future. If this concept speaks to you and you would like to see it fully realized, please come out and support!