• Alicia Hartz

Cheers to a successful Cabaret!

The inaugural team of the BADassery Cabaret Program with Innovative Voice Studio has taken a bow. Our packed show last night at The West End Lounge could not have run more smoothly. I had the privilege of opening the show with my rendition of Sheryl Crow's "Everyday is a Winding Road" followed by Miranda Lambert's "House that Built Me." Thank you to the friends and fans who came out to support this phenomenal group of fifteen artists. We heard everything from broadway classics and jazz standards to country rock (from yours truly) and deep cuts from some of your favorite pop stars. Special shout outs to Rose, our accompanist, Devon Perry for arranging both of my cuts, and of course to the two people that started it all, Tim Russell and Jenna Pastuszek. The show was professionally taped so if you happened to miss last night's performances, stay tuned for updates on footage! For a full account of this semester's work on this performance, check out my instagram story highlight titled "Cabaret."