• Alicia Hartz

COVID 19 Updates/New Footage

Like many performers, booked gigs I had lined up for the next few months have been cancelled or postponed due to the Corona Virus outbreak. I was very excited to share these new projects with you and look forward to announcing them once they are confirmed or it is safe to reschedule. In the meantime, a short film a starred in back in January called "Huge" has wrapped post production and I am delighted to share some of that new footage with you here on this site! If you go to my Media page, the new footage from "Huge" is the first clip you will see on my updated reel. Thank you to my director, Nora Hyde, our DP Britain Lonie and of course my costar Joe Loper. You all were a pleasure to work with along with the rest of the production team and I hope our professional path's cross again!