• Alicia Hartz

Founding an Alumni Committee

In honor of it's ELEVEN year anniversary, I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to found Commonwealth Shakespeare Company's Apprentice Alumni Committee, in partnership with Bobby DellaCamera, Brielle Walker, and Caitelin McCoy! For more details on CSC's Apprentice Program, check out my previous posts here and here. The Alumni Committee exists as a volunteer, self-governing body of actors who went through the CSC Apprentice Program. We serve as a resource for future classes of apprentices as they leave the program and enter the professional world. We strive to maintain and develop relationships with past, current, and future apprentices through monthly newsletters, social media, and in person meet ups all while supporting the Apprentice Program’s mission and key goals. My cofounders and I have huge plans for this committee including strategies to make housing more affordable, increase scholarship funds, highlight diversity within the program, and establish even more mentorship opportunities for our alumni and current apprentices. Our goal is to eventually have two headquarters: one in Boston where CSC itself is located, and the second in New York City where so many alumni end up. If you are an apprentice, know someone who is, or know an artist interested in learning more about the program/applying, please reach out! Follow us at on Instagram at @commshakesalumni, on Facebook at CSC Alumni Page, and email us at to get involved. One of our first committee acts was to organize Zoom networking calls for the alumni in our respective years. Tune in for more opportunities like this!