• Alicia Hartz

Free Solo - Opening Weekend

Congratulations to the makers of Free Solo - the thrilling documentary about boundary breaking rock climber Alex Honnold! I had the privilege of interning on this monumental project Spring 2016 where I worked closely with Aaron Cook, Simona Ferrari, and filmmaker Chai Vasarhelyi. After wowing the festival circuit for the past month, Free Solo opened in theaters this weekend where it quickly became the biggest opening weekend Box Office per screen average, documentary or feature, of 2018. Free Solo also scored the highest opening weekend Box Office per screen average for a documentary... ever! If you have not seen this film, I cannot recommend it enough. Not only is it riveting to watch this incredible athlete climb the most challenging natural wall in the world without any ropes or safety net, but the emotional journey of the people supporting him gives this beautifully shot film a uniquely compelling narrative about the complexity and depth of human relationships. A special thanks to my fellow intern Beth Derouin for inviting me to a screening at the Angelika Film Center followed by a Q&A with co-director Jimmy Chin. Stick around long enough, and you will see our names roll in the credits!