• Alicia Hartz


For the past five months, I have had the privilege of working tirelessly on The Pancyprian Association Inc. Theatrical Division's production of Medea. This Greek Tragedy written by Euripides around 700 BC continues to shock and astound audiences centuries after its debut due to its violence, intimacy, and larger-than-life characters. The play centers around a strong, though fatefully flawed, female character who is not afraid to shatter societal confines and expectations aiming to restrict, dismiss, and silence her experiences. While it is certainly hard to defend her final actions (scholars have tried for centuries), her ability to articulate the reasoning behind her dramatic choices have to be applauded. To me, Medea is a particularly relevant story to be exploring today in light of the #MeToo and #TimesUp Movements that have swept our industry. Determined to shape her own destiny in a world dominated be men, I find Medea's spirit to be as inspiring as so many of the brave and powerful women leading today's third wave of feminism. Like them, Medea is not a woman that will tolerate being silenced or ignored.

In this production, I have had the phenomenal opportunity to wear many hats. Not only am I understudy for the leading character of Medea (played by the beautiful Michael Anne Hoffert-Cone), but I am also the Head Chorus member. This role has invited me to develop my administrative skills such as setting rehearsal agendas and writing rehearsal reports. More importantly, being Head Chorus has allowed me to direct, compose, choreograph, devise, design, and polish an ensemble that is on stage for the entire show. I have immense gratitude for the talented group of women that make up the Chorus for supporting me on this journey. Look how far we've come! Furthermore, I am grateful to our award-winning director, Leonidas Loizides, and the most dedicated stage-manager I have had the privilege of working with, Dimitris Behrakis, for allowing me to work so closely with them and empowering me with so much responsibility.

The show itself will have a brief preview run courtesy of Baruch college on Thursday, February 21st before opening on Feb 23rd at The Queen's Theater for a one-night-only performance. We have been sold out for months but if you would like to be placed on a waiting list in case of no-shows, please contact Effie Antoniou at either (347)345-7407 or (917) 854 – 9577. More information can be found at or After five months of work, I could not be more proud to make my off-broadway debut with this amazing production!