• Alicia Hartz

Official Member of PGE

What a pleasure it was to join Doug Rossi and Prudence Wright Holmes last night at The Playground Experiment's Volume 103 reading! This theatrical reading group has weekly events going on year round and are responsible for elevating the careers of many writers and performers. Yesterday, I had the joy of playing Angelica Bell Garnett, daughter to painters Vanessa and Duncan Garnett as well as niece to Virginia Woolf. Prudence has written a full length production about the lives of these prolific members of The Bloomsbury Group, soon to debut! She has also written a number of other shows about strong independent women who have lived ahead of their time. Thank you to Mike Lesser, founder and director of PGE for inviting me to join last night's reading and a specific thank you to Prudence for including me in her creative process for this exciting new work. Can't wait until Volume 104!