• Alicia Hartz

On set again :)

January has been treating me well with my second film project of 2020 wrapping up just last week! In my new short film titled "This Could Be Huge," I play Paula - a hungry, young journalist looking to crack her newspaper's next big case. It's the perfect combination of "Spotlight" and "Nancy Drew!" While footage will not be uploaded here until next month, production photos are in. I had such a wonderful time filming at The Brooklyn Navy Yards with my costar Joe Loper as Bob, director Nora Hyde, and director of photography Brit Lonie. All three of these individuals are widely talented artists with an array of unique skillsets relevant to this industry. From running a photography studio to modeling, I was grateful for all of their experience in these adjacent fields because they only served to supplement the set we were working on together. This was my first on set experience lead by an all female production crew and I could not be prouder of the work we accomplished. Thank you all for your work and I look forward to collaborating in the future!