• Alicia Hartz

Shakespeare again... shocking, I know

I’m in A Midsummer Night’s Dream! With Commonwealth Shakespeare Company!

Wait, wait, you might be thinking, “Alicia... haven’t you done this before?” And you’d be correct! For a refresher, over the summer I joined CSC’s Apprentice Company for their production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In that show, I played Lysander in a fun, gender-bending iteration of this hilarious classic. NOW, I have been promoted to CSC’s Second Company where I will be playing Hermia! The award-winning Bryn Boice is directing again and some familiar cast members from the Apprentice Company’s version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream will join me on stage in both reprised and debut roles. Since this production is through the Educational Wing of CSC, the majority of our performances will be weekday matinees and focus on "highlighting the themes, ideas and language that will resonate strongly for a student audience." However, tickets for our one public performance on April 3rd at 7pm are LIVE

Rehearsals start in Boston next month - check back for updates!