• Alicia Hartz

That's a wrap! Until next summer...

Today, Commonwealth Shakespeare Company wraps their 2020 script-in-hand production of The Tempest over Zoom. Next summer, we hope to return to The Boston Common with a fully mounted version with this same cast. It was an honor to "perform" alongside Broadway names like Miguel Cervantes and John Douglas Thomas as well as New England icons like Remo Airaldi and Fred Sullivan Jr. My fellow CSC2 cast members and I plan to remount our production of A Midsummer Night's Dream in the Spring of 2020 and then join these astute artists back on The Common, understudying all the named characters in The Tempest as well as filling out the ensemble.

Something I've learned much more about since working with CSC is accessible programing in the theater. Our first day of rehearsal this summer, founding artistic director Steve Maler shared the story of one of our patrons who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Pre-pandemic, this patron shared there would be one to two live-streamed artistic productions a month that could be observed at home. Since the pandemic, there has been an explosion of content giving people who might be unable to otherwise engage with live theater two to three options to do so a night! CSC is one of the few companies I have encountered that continues to find new ways to engage free Shakespeare with all audience members. No matter the circumstances, accessibility is a top priority. I hope this trend of increased theatrical content for all people to engage with continues industry wide post-pandemic.

Thank you to Bryn Boice, Victoria Townsend-Parise, Steve Maler and Adam Sanders for incorporating me into the CSC family. Thank you to our designers and cast for your patience and commitment as we all figured out what we were going to do with a show this year. And of course, a HUGE shout out to the interpreters of CSC's access and inclusion program who worked around the clock to make sure accessible versions of our show were up for anyone to view within 24 hours of closing. Till we meet again!