• Alicia Hartz

The Tempest

Interested in FREE Shakespeare that is under an hour? Come and see me perform in Shaina Mathew's production of The Tempest where I play Prospero! It's a one night only performance on Wednesday Dec 12 with a run time of roughly 45 minutes. Prospero, the former Duke of Milan and an accomplished sorcerer, has been marooned on an island with his daughter Miranda for 15 years. "By accident most strange," one day Prospero finds those responsible for his exile sailing past his island prison. With the aid of his island spirits and a magical staff, Prospero shipwrecks his enemies on his island to seek out revenge. Fantastical chaos ensues, drunken ambitions are revealed, and fated lovers declare their affections. To find out how it all happens in this condensed version of one of Shakespeare's final plays, RSVP today!