• Alicia Hartz

Too Tight

I am proud to announce that the short film "Too Tight" in which I star as Patricia is wrapped, edited, and now in the process of being released! "Too Tight" follows the love triangle between cutting-edge fashion designer Chris, his business partner and love interest Patricia, and her fiancé Andy who runs a viral internet prank show. This film examines the double standards on body image that still exist today within the fashion industry as well as the effects of bullying and bystander-ship. We shot the entire project over a long weekend last fall and the finished product is finally here! Already, we have come in third place at the Hofstra University Film Festival and are in the process of submitting to more around the country. Thank you to Michaela Schaaf for involving me in this amazing opportunity, to Lukas Metlicka for his energy and direction on set, and most importantly to my generous scene partner Joshua Michael Payne. I feel very lucky to have been involved in such a fun set where everyone was able to support and challenge one another. I cannot wait to see where this film takes us! To find out more about "Too Tight,"check back here for updates or follow our official IMDB page